Monday, December 22, 2008

What Should I Bring Him?

I was up early this morning contemplating the Christmas season and was meditating upon Jesus and his birthday. I know there is a lot of speculation as to when it actually was, etc. but the point I focused on was that Jesus really did have a birthday. A day he was born, and a day he celebrated with his family year after year. They knew the day. Even his disciples, who spent three years with this man, probably spent his birthday with him. Probably slapped him on the back and said "Happy Birthday, Jesus!" Maybe even had a present for him. So I thought, about his birth in the manger and the shepherds coming to see this special new baby. The kings brought gold, and frankincense and myrrh as birthday gifts. A cute little song, The Drummer Boy, says he had no gift to bring so he played for him on his drum. I watched a movie one time about how a juggler presented his only gift to the mother of Jesus. He juggled and it pleased the child.
So as I contemplated this...I asked myself...what gift would I bring to this child? Although he was a baby, he was also a king. Do you bring him an item he could enjoy, play with? Do you bring him an item of need? Maybe a warm blanket? Some diapers? Or like the kings, do you bring him costly gifts? Would He appreciate an IPOD or a Wii game? Maybe a birthday cake and party hats? Jesus was just like you in every way..He enjoyed surprises and parties. However, I know he was not materialistic. His worth was not wrapped up in owning the most toys and driving the fastest cars. His mission on earth was not about what He personally wanted, but what His heavenly father wanted. He was our gift! So what is our gift back to Him?
We all have the obvious answers such as our hearts...ourselves...things like that....but is that the correct gift for Jesus?
I love giving gifts. I try to find just the right thing that means I know them, who they really are, and I definitely try to please them. Sometimes, however, I often hit and miss. Sometimes my own personal preferences are involved in my choices. I think if I like it, they will definitely like it. Not always true. Is it true that it is the thought that counts? I've heard that alot. I don't know.
What gift would Jesus want on His birthday? What gift would you bring Him?
I never came to any pat answer, but I did think about this...
I honestly believe that Jesus would want something from you that you don't even recognize as a good enough gift for Him. The littlest angel in the children's classic gave him an old box full of childish treasures. (a rock, a feather, etc.)
Jesus, like everyone else would appreciate something from you that means something to you. He loves it that you try to please Him because you know Him so well. He loves it when you use the gifts and talents that He gave to you to offer back to Him. All of the gifts I've mentioned above were pleasing to Jesus. But only YOU can choose the birthday gift that YOU should bring Him.
During this Christmas season, meditate upon the ultimate gift that God sent to earth for you. There is absolutely nothing that you could give in return for that gift. NOTHING you have would ever be worthy of His gift to you....but in recognizing will be able to discover what gift you should give to Jesus on His birthday. Rejoice and be thankful and greatful. Sometimes...a thank you is a good place to start!

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