Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Thursday, October 16, 2008

The "Richest" Person in the World

Children say and think some of the strangest things! They are quite logical and when they put two and two out!
As you know, I work as the hot lunch bookkeeper at our school. I receive payments, send out all the bills, and everything else that has to do with hot lunch.
Today, one of the first graders mother's was telling me that her son had told her that Mrs. R (me) was the richest person at the school. Questioning him further, she asked him why he believed that to be true.
In a sincere and logical explanation, he replied, "Well, Mom, when I took my lunch check to Mrs. O (his teacher's aide) she took it and gave it to Mrs. B (his teacher)and then Mrs. B took and gave it to Mrs. R (me) she's the richest person in the school!" Out of the mouths of babes!
Now I chuckled at this, but within minutes I realized that this little first grader had actually made a prophecy about my life!
No, my bank book and finances may not show me as the richest, but my relationships attain to this fact....I, indeed, am the richest person in the world.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Come Grow Old With Me for the Best Is Yet To Be

October 21st will be Gregg and my 3oth anniversary. It doesn't seem that long ago. A word to the wise, enjoy every moment God gives you because in a blink of an eye, time passes. Now back to my original subject. My husband is the most precious gift to me. I hear a lot of wives complain about their husbands....all their faults, all the things that they don't do, or all the irritating things that they do do....even I have been known to get a little irked at mine now and then. Well, AFTER THIRTY years I finally want to set the record husband is my soulmate. I love him with all my heart, and I sometimes worry that I'm not good enough for him. Seriously! He is the most giving, caring, sharing, humorous, loving man I know. A man of honor and integrity. A man who's word can be trusted. A man of God. A rare find, indeed. The qualities that he possesses are to be admired and imitated.
How did I luck out? I use to ask myself that question quite often until I discovered that luck had nothing to do with it....God orchestrates every area and detail of our lives and for some unknown reason, He saw fit to put us together. (I guess Gregg had to take his punishment, huh? :)) If my children have even a small portion of the happiness with their spouses that I have found with their father, they will indeed be very fortunate in their marriages. And Jill, if you look for a man like your father, you will be blessed. I can't wait to see what the next 30 years has in store for us. Come grow old with me for the best is yet to be! Happy 30th Anniversary, Gregg. I love you.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

What Grandmas Do!

1. Grandmas believe you really do have superhero powers.
2. Grandmas let you eat your dessert first.
3. Grandmas let you wear your Spiderman costume all day long for 3 days in a row.
4. Grandmas amaze you by reading your mind.
5. Grandmas let you circle all the toys you want for Christmas in her brand new Penney's catalog.
6. Grandmas play Candyland with you and when you're not looking she switches the cards so she has to go clear back to the gingerbread man and you get to go clear up to the ice cream cone.
7. Grandma eats the leftover crusts from your pizza.
8. Grandmas give you quarters for the big gumball machine and the mechanical horsies.
9. Grandmas say, "It's okay, everyone has accidents," when you spill your 16 oz. soda all over her carpet.
10. Grandmas spend $6.00 to take you to a movie that you fall asleep in.
11. Grandmas have flaps of soft velvety skin that dangles from her upper arms, and she lets you sit beside her and rub it.
12. Grandmas always leave the night light on.
13. Grandmas sing silly songs, make goofy faces, and do weird things to make you laugh.
14. Grandmas love you more than the sky is high and the ocean is deep.
15. Grandmas don't have laps, at least the jolly ones don't!
16. Grandmas take time to smell the roses, look at pictures in the clouds, and count the number of legs on a spider.
17. Grandmas believe you are the smartest, prettiest, fastest, cutest, child that has ever or will ever be born.
18. Grandmas can run pretty fast when you're headed for the street!
19. Grandmas make you teddy bear shaped pancakes, let you put M & M's in your spaghetti, and let you paint her fingernails with magic markers.
20. Grandmas have all the answers to questions like why a blue gemstone has more powers for superheros than green ones, why Waldo never changes his sweater, does Spiderman's mom make him take a bath, and how does God fly when he doesn't have wings.
21. Grandmas love dandelions, cool shaped rocks, pieces of shiny glass, and handprints.
22. Grandmas don't like runny noses, dirty faces, and uncombed hair.
23. Grandmas let you order your own meal at a restaurant instead of making you split something with your little sister.
24. Grandmas are younger than you think and older than they think.
25. Grandmas believe in God, teach you how to pray, and tell you that you have nothing to be afraid of. Grandmas talk to God like they are talking to you. Grandmas know there is a God.....because she has seen Him in the faces of her grandchildren.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Seven Weird Random Things About Me

I was tagged by here are my 7 weird/random things. I have no one to tag and wouldn't know how to do it it dies with me. Sorry.
1. I eat my salad last-sort of like a dessert.
2. I have the rarest blood type...AB negative.
3. My senior year of high school, my friends and I had a bet going as to which of us could kiss the most boys by graduation...Unfortunately, I started dating Gregg and had to stop. (That's my story and I'm sticking to it.}
4. I was voted best actress of my high school play.
5. I adore crushed ice, especially in pepsi.
6. I only had 38 classmates in my senior class, but had no clue that there was a kid named Gregg (my husband) in the same class until my Sophomore year when he came to pay me his class dues.
7. I once did the "bend and snap" for the UPS man.