Friday, July 27, 2012

12 Wonderful Stories, What's Your Story?

It's been a week now since the shooting in Aurora, Colorado and I feel it's now time to share my views. I watched today as many were having funerals and memorial services for the victims of this horrendous crime. But it was interesting that one theme seemed to shine through in the midst of all the sorrow. No one would allow themselves to become hateful and bitter because of what happened. They all seemed to rise up and take the higher road. They wouldn't allow their loved ones to become victims.....but victors over evil. It's easy to see something like this and become cynical, believing that evil is running rampant and taking control of our earth...however, it seems that we witness incredible strength, love, and good in these tragedies, which proves that mankind still has a heartbeat....still believes in good....still rallies together to fight evil. As an author, I found it profound that the most important thing the families wanted to do, is to tell their loved ones' story. To immortalize them by sharing about how these lives, cut short, had made a difference. Maybe not to the world, but to those who loved them. Each of the 12 lives that ended that morning, had been so important to someone. Even the shooter, whom we don't really want to deal with, had people who loved him. We may have many years on the earth, or only a few, but even a newborn baby taken from the earth after a few hours of life has made a profound mark on someone's life. We are stories waiting to be shared. Do you realize that you have an effect on the lives of those who know you? Each and every one of the twelve played an important part in the lives of those around them. They were dearly loved and they will be soooo missed. None were well known or famous.....none had made life changing contributions to the world as a whole.... none had done anything newsworthy or noteworthy to earn the respect of the masses......but each one had touched lives and will never be forgotten....Some for their smiles, their kindness, their funniness and others for their acts of bravery in protecting others as they were dying.... And though, some madman may think he can take away our freedom by fear....though he may think he has earned his notoriety in such a heartless and cowardly manner....and though we get a closeup look at evil face to face.....the human spirit is undaunted, and undefeated! In fact, we rise up powerfully united ready to take on this evil force that tries to take us captive. You are vitally important to someone. Their story is entwined with your story. You influence the people you meet either in a positive or negative way. We need to spend far more time loving and less time worrying, griping, and working. We need to tell people they are important to us.....before time gets away from us....or is taken away from us. Are you pleased with the way your story is going? If you had been one of the victims....what would they be sharing about you right now? If the victim had been someone you love....what would you wish you had told them? It's too late for them. But if you're reading this, it's not to late for you. Don't assume people know how you feel about them.....tell them....hug them....enjoy them... One life makes all the difference. Your life makes all the difference. God bless all of the families who have been effected by this ONE man's sin.. Now turn to the ONE man who's death can change your life forever, Jesus Christ, and start rewriting your story.