Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Breaking the Silence!

The Supreme Court has spoken. Today will go down in history as the day same sex marriage became legal and recognized as acceptable. A lot of my facebook friends will say, "It's about time." "People have the right to love whom they want." "It's no one's business what people do in their own bedrooms." And I thank God that we are still in a free country and able to have the freedom of speech to be able to express our opinions. However, I am noticing an interesting trend here.....that freedom of speech is somehow not intended for Christians. Christians are called horrendous names and do not seem to have the right to share their opinions with the world. So, for the most part, because I love my facebook friends, I "tolerate" the f-bombs, the crude jokes and pictures, the political agenda of the "gays", the demeaning Obama comments, the recipe lovers, the cat lovers, the cowboys, the drinkers, the gun toting conservatives, the "post if you love Jesus and ignore if you love Satan"....posts! Because that is what this country is all about! The freedom to have a voice and be heard. And so, as long as freedom is still an option in this country...I am going to play my freedom card and share my own for a moment. This should not make me intolerant, a hate monger, a narrow minded bigot, or a bible thumper. It should make me an American. So, to set the record straight, in case I have been misunderstood, and in case at my funeral, someone may say.....I didn't know that is what she believed, I'm breaking the silence. I'm stepping up on my political platform and risking you liking me to tell you who I really am. So, here goes. I believe abortion is murder. I believe lots of the people I know and love have had them....we do what we do with the knowledge we have at the time. And I love those women who face what appears to be no other option. I do not pass judgement on anyone...but if I were allowed to talk to you personally, I would tell you....don't do it. There are options. I understand there are some very hard cases...but these are the exceptions....not the rule. Most abortions are done for convenience. (This is one I use to fight on the side for abortion.) I believe homosexuality is not a disease. I believe it is a chosen behavior. If I again, could talk to each of my homosexual facebook friends, I would tell you that I love you and understand that you believe God made you this way. I just don't want you to believe that because I don't comment on things that I accept this behavior as true. I believe the majority of homosexuals have been molested as children that have left them broken. Again, if you are my true friend, I should be able to express this even if you disagree with me. If this really angers you, and changes your opinion of me, please feel free to delete me as a friend. I will understand. However, I can't sit be and let the world believe I think it is true. I do not believe in aliens! You know, the outer space kind. However, I do believe they will have a part in the great deception to our world in the near future. I believe in a real heaven and a real hell! I see the results of good/evil on earth all the time. I believe that not everyone goes to heaven when they die. Only those who place their trust in Jesus Christ will enter heaven. Jesus said, "I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me." Again...this is either the truth or a lie. Either Jesus is who he says he is...or he is a liar! That simple. I believe the Holy Bible is God's word. Every bit of it is true. You heard me....even the hard to except parts. Otherwise, why believe any of it? How could you know what parts are real and what parts aren't? I don't know if I believe in bigfoot. But if he is real, he is a created animal....not a missing link. I absolutely do not believe in evolution. Adaption, yes...evolution....NO. Why do we keep getting worse if the theory of evolution is true? (And I use to believe in I changed my mind on this one.) I still believe there is hope for mankind....if we turn from our wicked, self centered ways and repent. I do not believe repent means to be sorry for.....I believe it means to change an about face....change the way we are going. I believe God loves us....and is not out to get us. That He gives us chance after chance to see Him for who He really is. That even though "All have sinned and fall short of the glory of God, He made a provision for that through Jesus Christ." We are the only thing blocking our way to receiving that love and forgiveness. I believe that we never die....your soul lives on eternally somewhere. And that eternity starts here in this life...right now. God has a plan and a purpose for every person and that no one is an accident. But we do have a choice...what we do with that life we were given. I believe Jesus is coming again! And from the looks of could be soon. I believe our children are a gift from God. A legacy to leave the earth after we are gone. I believe WE are the church. Church is not a building we go to on Sunday. It is a living breathing spirit that resides in each of us. It is about love, and kindness, and patience, and selflessness, sharing, and giving. I'm not just the overweight body that greets you at the elementary school everyday. I am a multifaceted being with ideas, and thoughts, and creativity, and spirituality, as are you! Will you choose to love or hate me based upon one aspect of my belief system? Thank you for allowing me to express who I am and what makes me tick! You don't have to like me...but you don't have to deny my rights as a Christian, either! I believe there is enough room on this planet for me and you.......and maybe a bigfoot or two????