Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Feeling Blue

I'm feeling very sad and lonely tonight. It's new year's eve and Gregg and I are alone again. New Year's Eve should be a time of games and fun and celebrating the new year together with loved ones. Funny how your children would rather be almost anywhere other than with their parents. It's definately understandable. How lame is it that you would spend new year's eve with your parents? They are young and free and searching for their own lives. Just like we were thirty years ago when we would rather do anything other than spend time with our parents. It's a sad cycle. You have to come to some form of peace with it, but at 50, you still want to feel young and exciting. We are getting to the age where we have to do all the inviting in order for our children to spend time with us. They very seldom feel inclined to invite you into their world. I'm beginning to understand how my parents felt. Well, guess I'll go read a book or watch a movie with the one person I can't imagine life without. My husband.

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