Monday, January 18, 2010

Tag...You're It! I have been tagged by OriGINAl ImaGINAtions, which means I must write 7 random things about me and then tag another 7 people. (Problem is, I don't have 7 people to'll just write the 7 random things about me and consider it completed).

1. I was voted best actress in my high school play. (That actually might explain alot about me.) I played a high school girl celebrating my birthday with my friends in a haunted house. Okay...I really probably shouldn't have won best actress....because the shocked and surprised look on my face as they carried out my birthday cake and placed it on a table in front of me was NOT acting! My shocked and surprised look was caused from the picture of an unclothed man that one of the boys laid on the table next to the cake. Goodness....If Miss Mary Daniels, my high school drama teacher would have found it...we would have all been in a lot of trouble :0). We won't even talk about some of the other pranks they pulled during play practice...however I do recall a head peering over the 12 foot tall sets. (And a streaker (and we all know who you are) in the play two years earlier that Miss Mary chased off the set trying to catch him. (Those were the days :0).

2. I was going to be named Tom if I was a boy.

3. On our senior sneak trip to Estes Park, CO, some of my "good" friends thought they would help Gregg and I start liking each they made him sit next to me on the bus going down. You know what....he never moved the rest of the trip :0) And NOW YOU KNOW THE REST OF THE STORY!

4. I have never flown on an airplane.

5. I have nightmares about bears and tornados. And I read everything I can get my hands on about Mt. Everest.

6. I never had a date to any of my high school dances. (Of course the black, cat eye glasses didn't help immensely :0(. ( would have thought my last name might have worked :0).

7. My first kiss was at age 13 as the result of the boy being "dared" in the game truth or dare. (I don't think I washed my lips for a couple of weeks! Ha!) It was all verrrry innocent. My, how the times have changed!

There you have things about me that you probably never knew...and maybe didn't care to. Tag...You're IT!

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